As I wander the wind-swept prairie, stopping to immerse myself in the towering native grass, I am called to create art that speaks to my senses. I embrace the textures of nature by felting wool into artwork that communicates and invites exploration. Just as wildflowers punctuate the rolling hills with bursts of color and inspire a closer look, my work encourages curiosity and examination.

Making art with wool is both intriguing and unpredictable. I use different felting methods to enhance the juxtaposition of natural fibrous textures with intricate details. My painting and drawing experience greatly influences the application of fiber in my process. Instead of using sweeping brushstrokes to blend and move paint around the canvas, I now manipulate tufts of cotton candy-like fiber into place. Instead of using a pencil to create sharp lines and details, I use a barbed needle to place tiny strands of wool. As fibers transform under my fingertips during the felting process, I delight in the contrast between my intentions and the tactile beauty and unpredictability of my medium. I pause to appreciate the possibilities of collaborating with nature.

The unusual textures created through the felting process remind me of the wild places I’ve explored, and to where I am always yearning to return. My work captures the joy and content I feel while surrounded by nature. By sharing my artwork and process with others, I encourage an appreciation for our natural resources while I explore the potential for harmony between human touch and Mother Nature.