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Megan Hammer | Felted Fine Art

Artist Statement

I create felted wool fiber art to embrace the textures of nature. Just as wildflowers punctuate rolling hills with bursts of color and inspire a closer look, my work communicates exploration, while my process insists upon it. As fibers transform under my fingertips during the felting process, I delight in the contrast between my intentions and the tactile beauty and unpredictability of my medium.


Through my process, I explore the potential for collaboration and harmony between human touch and the simple beauty found in nature. I arrange tufts of cotton candy-like wool fiber in layers and use soap, water, and friction to create a piece of soft felt, to which I use a barbed needle to secure tiny strands of wool into place. I use vibrant, intricate details to accentuate the beauty of natural fibrous texture. I share moments of discovery through color, texture, and movement, and inspire the curious to explore along with me. 

The more I search for a connection between art-making and the natural world, the more enchanted I become with felted wool. The cool shade of a wooded path combined with the smell of soft earth underfoot, or the rustle of the late summer prairie touched by the breeze encourages me to make art activated by sense. The unusual textures created through the felting process remind me of the wild places I’ve explored, and to where I am always yearning to return.

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